Natural Stone

Natural stone pavers are more durable and offer a broader range of colors and textures than other paving options.

529171_428520697237955_860137339_nAztec Stone Design is a brick paving company that has been transforming residential homes and commercial businesses with its stunning natural stone paving in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area since 1999.  As the region’s leader in hardscape construction, Aztec Stone Design is an authorized installer of UniLock pavers.  Unilock commonly is acknowledged within the paving industry as having the most extraordinary and extremely durable natural stone paving products.  In fact, unlike many other companies, UniLock carries a lifetime guarantee that ensures your natural stone paving project will outlast all the competitors.  Furthermore, Aztec Stone Design has a five year unconditional guarantee on all the labor they provide.  Our natural stone paving products give our clients the natural alternatives to concrete products.  Formerly, paving was done by pouring concrete.  Patios, driveways, walkways, etc. were all the same – the same monotonous color, the same boring textures and the same repetitive styles.  Today, nothing is the same!  With Aztec Stone Design’s natural stone pavers, our pavers vary in color, they vary in textures and size and design!  Your patio, driveway and walkway will be as unique as you are!

Aztec Stone Design’s natural stone pavers are not only durable, long-lasting and incredibly appealing, but they come in a vast array of color choices, textures, styles and patterns in order to create a one-of-a-kind appearance.  Unlike commonly-used paving materials, such as brick, asphalt and cement, natural stone pavers are recognized as being stronger, less expensive to repair, providing a more attractive alternative and increasing curb appeal.  There is an Aztec Stone Design natural stone paving plan wholly suited for your commercial or residential project.  Besides that, constructing a private backyard retreat, while enhancing your property’s value, costs less that you might imagine.  You can rely upon our hardscape contractors to help you develop the ideal natural stone paving plan for your individual budget and lifestyle.

Converting your mundane outdoor space into an exceptional and remarkable place is not only an investment, but it is so much easier than you ever thought!   With Aztec Stone Design’s exquisite and impressive natural stone pavers, our design crew will incorporate the natural stone into your existing structures and landscape so that it will blend in effortlessly and give the look of having been there for a very long time.  Aztec Stone Design’s natural paving stone will create something so much more than just a paved surface.  We will have transformed something so commonplace into something very out-of-the-ordinary and distinctive.  When you show your ideas to Aztec Stone Design, we will assist you in refining your plan and bringing your custom design into sharp focus.  Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, so if you are interested in what Aztec Stone Design can do for you with regard to a lovely natural stone paving project, call us today.  You will like the results!  We guarantee it!