Brick is a durable building material that has been used for engineering projects for millennia. Whether you are looking to lay brick pavers for your driveway, patio, walkway, retaining walls or any other landscaping need, Aztec Stone Design is up to the task. Simple yet sturdy, brick pavers add value to any home. Our professional installers are Unilock Authorized Contractors and have experience with projects both big and small. You want your new brick patio or driveway to look as perfect as you imagined, and at Aztec Stone Design, we put extra attention into our craftsmanship and design.

Arlington Heights has a rich history as the largest village within Cook County. With a population of over 76,000 residents and located 25 miles northwest of the downtown Chicago Loop, Arlington Heights was one of the first municipalities in the northwest suburbs to launch a plan for redevelopment on its downtown area. As a proponent of promoting development for the community, Arlington Heights has experienced much growth with appealing to families, young professionals, and empty nesters.  Notable Arlington Heights residents have included McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, actress Marlee Matlin, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, musician Ted Nugent and legendary Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton. Be the talk of your neighborhood with your custom Aztec Stone Design brick paved pathway, driveway, or patio.

Brick Patio

Adding or replacing a brick patio to your home will add both monetary and intrinsic value. A patio is the center of summer cookouts and family gatherings. What better way to enjoy a warm summer evening in your favorite outdoor spot than on a patio in your own backyard.

Brick Driveway

You own a nice home and a nice car. Why not have an elegant, sturdy brick driveway to greet your car when you pull into the driveway. Nothing enhances curb appeal as much as a brick driveway with Unilock brick pavers. A paved brick driveway from Aztec Stone Design will be sturdy enough to bear the weight of your car, and will last longer and look better than asphalt.

Brick Walkways

Nothing says uniform, boring, and suburban quite like a cement walkway. Make your neighbors envious and set your home apart with a beautiful brick walkway. Nothing is quite as timeless as brick pavers  — especially when set by Aztec Stone Design. Cement can end up cracked, discolored, or even subject to mold. Brick builds character as it ages, enhancing curb appeal and complementing your landscaping for years to come.

Stone Landscaping & Retaining Walls

Aside from driveway and walkway projects, Aztec Stone Design has experience with designing and building brick and stone landscaping for your yard or patio. We build stone retaining walls, custom-designed outdoor fireplaces, and pool patios. If it can be built with stone, we can design and build it for your outdoor space.

Hear what our customers have said about working with Aztec Stone Design.

And I have to tell you, they did a fantastic job.  The stone is gorgeous, their work is excellent and my patio looks like a dream!  (I’ll be uploading photos soon.)  The workers were here when they were supposed to be, worked hard all day, and were polite and friendly.  There was a slight mix-up about the raised bed which caused me to scale back my plans a bit, but in the end, the owner didn’t like the way it looked and enlarged it for no extra cost.  That’s the kind of attention to detail and customer service that wins loyalty.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Aztec again or to recommend it very highly to anyone who was looking for great stone work.

Jean C from Chicago on Yelp

We at Aztec Stone Design will work with you to design the patio of your dreams using high quality Unilock brick pavers. Our Unilock certified professional installation crews will work diligently and respectfully while installing your new patio.

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Banner Photo Courtesy of Unilock