A little clay goes a long way.


Strong, durable and sophisticated, clay pavers are the perfect choice for both surfaces with light foot traffic and heavy vehicular action. Aztec Stone Design has been installing these practical pavers in residential and commercial properties throughout the Chicago area since 1999. Offering the strength you need without the rough, unrefined look you don’t want, clay pavers are always a wise choice. Plus, they're maintenance-free.

Clay can stand up to anything.


Aztec Stone Design offers clay brick pavers that can withstand the weightiness of heavy service trucks and the demands of high-volume traffic. What's more, they're environmentally friendly, slip-resistant, and provide water management to help your plantings around the pavers thrive. Now, that's what we call multi-tasking hardscaping!

Not only are clay pavers good-looking and effective for driveways and walkways, they can easily enhance patios, garden retreats and sidewalks around swimming pools. Plus, unlike concrete, clay can actually reduce the effects of heat, keeping surfaces cooler, longer. If you're working with a new construction or simply want to enhance a small area of your landscape with a naturally sophisticated surface, call the specialists at Aztec Stone Design today.