Clay Pavers

Clay pavers offer many benefits to customers looking for strong and durable surfaces for both heavy vehicular and light foot traffic.

Aztec Stone Design has been providing the solutions to customers wanting the most durable and practical clay pavers for their residential or commercial properties.  Our clay pavers offer the strength customers are looking for, without the rough and unrefined look they don’t want!  This is the reason our clay pavers are so popular with so many clients.  They offer the durability they need and are 100% maintenance-free.  Aztec Stone Design offers clay brick pavers that can withstand the weightiness of heavy service trucks in addition to the demands of high volume traffic.  In addition, our clay pavers are also known for providing water management and solutions so that plantings in and around the pavers receive all the moisture they require in order to grow and flourish.  Also, Aztec Stone Design’s clay pavers are recognized as being environmentally friendly.  Commercial businesses and professional offices with increased foot traffic like that clay pavers are widely regarded for being slip-resistant.

In addition to the benefits clay pavers bring to the table with regard to durability and safety, they also provide aesthetic appeal to customers.  Not only do they look good and work well in driveways and walkways, but they also look attractive in patios, garden retreats and sidewalks around pools in residential settings.  Clients like the fact that clay pavers are environmentally safe and affordable to have installed.  Clay pavers are also known for being long-lasting.  Another plus for clay pavers is that unlike concrete, clay can actually reduce the heat effect.  For this reason, clay pavers used in drive ways, parking lots and walkways, will be cooler and help keep urban areas cooler.

When you are looking for ways to improve your home or business with paving products, Aztec Stone Design can help.  We are the experts in the area of paving design and installation.  Not only do we have the know-how and ability to install your paving perfectly, but we are a great source of information.  If you are interested in a clay paving project or any other paving installation, call the specialists at Aztec Stone Design, today.  We can answer your questions and dispel any concerns you may have about paving.