Paver Maintenance

Proper maintenance of pavers will help improve and enhance the look of them.

Since 1999, Aztec Stone Design has been serving residential and commercial customers in the Chicagoland region with top-of-the-line paving services.  Widely hailed as the foremost in hardscape construction for persons in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area, Aztec Stone Design is an authorized installer of UniLock pavers.  Unilock is well-known for having some of the most durable and long-lasting paving products in the industry.  Additionally, UniLock has a lifetime guarantee that certifies your pavers will outlast the competitions.  However, it is important to understand that even the leading pavers may eventually begin to show signs of wear in the future.  And this is when consumers are going to want to look into having paver maintenance.  Proper paver maintenance can improve the look of any paved surface.  However, older pavers may require more than just sweeping, brushing or washing. They may need more thorough maintenance services as found in paving restoration. This is when you are going to want to solicit the services of Aztec Stone Design.  Proper paver maintenance can be tricky and involved and often it requires special equipment that only paving companies have.

Do it yourself consumers will be better off if they let the experts at Aztec Stone Design take over the responsibility of caring for their paver maintenance.  That is because our capable crew is well aware of which products can and cannot be used on certain kinds of paving stone.  The last thing you want to have happen is for your paving stone to be permanently damaged by corrosive or harmful cleaning products.  Aztec Stone Design can perform paver maintenance using the safest products and best procedures for the kind of pavers used on your property.  Aztec Stone Design knows the most reliable paver maintenance methods and the finest restoration services to make your pavers look like new again!


We offer a variety of paver maintenance services, including, but not limited to:

  • Brick Paver Repairs – We will repair your damaged or deteriorating brick pavers and brick paving projects that have sunken and settled at an affordable rate.
  • Brick Paver Cleaning – We will clean your existing brick pavers to look like new again.
  • Resanding with Polymeric Paver joint Locking Sand – We will resand your brick pavers to prevent weed growth, sand washout, and to lock paver joints.
  • Brick Paver Power Washing – Power washing is essential to the maintenance of your brick pavers.
  • Sealing – We seal all brick pavers with a natural or Gloss finish to protect your pavers and to increase durability and appearance.

To discover how Aztec Stone Design can help with your paver maintenance, give us a call today!