Blending function and visual flair.


Depending on your landscape, a retaining wall may be a must. Whether it’s creating more level land, terracing slopes, establishing boundaries or leveling planting beds, Chicagoland retaining wall experts at Aztec Stone Design have a solution that blends functionality with visual flair. With a thorough evaluation of your landscape and a clear understanding of your individual taste, we'll build a custom retaining wall that meets all your needs.

Your retaining wall will come with the power of Unilock pavers and the expertise of over 25 years of building experience. You won't find any traditional cement block walls here. Instead, you'll have a stunning construction that's the perfect accompaniment to your Unilock patio designs, walkway contours or garden borders.  


A necessary landscaping element can be extraordinary.


If you're looking to increase the usable areas of your property while adding a beautiful, yet necessary landscape element, a landscaping retaining wall is a great solution. Depending on your taste and needs, we’ll help you choose from a variety of options, including boulder walls, brick veneer walls, natural stone walls, block & cap walls, or cultured stone walls. How would you like extra seating areas? A stunning functional seating wall with some stone steps could do wonders for your property. Aztec Stone Design can help you visualize the true beauty that comes with the function of your retaining wall.

Build a true wonder wall.


If you’re interested in learning more about how a retaining wall system can improve your property’s functionality, or you're looking for a hardscape company to replace or repair an existing one, contact Aztec Stone Design today.