Driveway looks great and at a good price."

Tom S.

Very professional and hard working crew."

Jerry K.

Excellent did my own house and is totally reputable. He is honest, clean and very good."

Jack M

This company is the best! The job was perfect and I would highly recommend them."

Bonnie Oddo

Edgar, Thanks for the quick work. The terrace and retaining wall look great!!"

Margaret Richmond

The need to do something with our back yard became absolute this spring. Our grass, a particularly lush and resilient strain imported from Japan by the previous owners, to prevent doggie damage was utterly resistant to our push mower, and had grown to the point that not only was our very kind neighbor unwilling to come over and use his electric mower on it, but there were sightings of tigers moving through it at twilight. We knew we had rabbits, we feared we were giving the local rats a lovely hiding place, too.

We got a referral for one company that had done an excellent job for a friend, and the owner came out, talked nice for about fifteen minutes and then disappeared forever. It's been close to a month and I still haven't gotten the promised estimate from him, and his attitude when he spoke to my general contractor left something to be desired, basically saying that he couldn't do the work before late August at the earliest so maybe we should just hire someone else.

So my contractor referred another company, and again I went out and explained the plans to the owner who produced an estimate before he left my property! It was a little higher than I'd hoped, but he explained that the stone I'd chosen was the premium stuff, and as I wasn't willing to give that up, I okayed it. They started work the following week (the weather held up the project,) and by Monday it was finished! Done in two weeks instead of the who-knows-how-long it might've taken me with the other company.

And I have to tell you, they did a fantastic job. The stone is gorgeous, their work is excellent and my patio looks like a dream! (I'll be uploading photos soon.) The workers were here when they were supposed to be, worked hard all day, and were polite and friendly. There was a slight mix-up about the raised bed which caused me to scale back my plans a bit, but in the end, the owner didn't like the way it looked and enlarged it for no extra cost. That's the kind of attention to detail and customer service that wins loyalty. I wouldn't hesitate to use Aztec again or to recommend it very highly to anyone who was looking for great stone work."

Jean C.

We have wanted to have our back yard patio redone and expanded for four years, but were having a hard time finding the right company to make it happen. Then we went to a friend of a friends house for Memorial Day and asked who did theirs. They suggested Aztec and we made the call a week later. Now I am sitting on my AMAZING BEAUTIFUL new Uniblock patio. It's gorgeous. It was reasonably priced and professionally installed.

The thing I loved the most was that while they obviously do much bigger, much fancier and much more expensive projects they treated our modest patio just as they would some palace in the suburbs. They took extra care with the design and did this fantastic thing around a built in sewer cap in the yard.

It is even better than I hoped! Now I am hooked. Next spring I want them to take out the rest of the cement sidewalk and replace it with the Holland Stone. I'm hooked on Aztec Stone Design!"

Laurie V.

Great company, great supervisor (Eddie). They've done work for us a few times and they are the consummate professionals. We've never been disappointed!"

Michael B.

We used Aztec in 2003 when we did our patio in Chicago. We were happy with them there and called them again when we moved to Lake Zurich. We were pleasantly surprised when they came out that far. They did a great job on our patio, were very clean and professional and their price was fair. Would do it again."

Tom L.

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much pleasure we have had from our wonderful patio and driveway.  You truly designed an absolutely beautiful path, walkways, and driveway for us, and every single day when I look out on our yard or come up our front walkway or driveway I feel as if we have a magnificent new home that is graced by these outside "room."  We have hosted a bridal shower, a baby shower, a graduation party, and several other get togethers on our patio, and it has been a tremendous pleasure to share the space with our friends and family.  They beautiful work you did has transformed our home.

Finally, I want to tell you that Harry and I have been greatly impressed by your professionalism, hard work, meticulous attention to detail, and promptness.  Of course, we were thrilled that you work so hard on our behalf with the Village of Wilmette to meet all of the requirements, and know this took a tremendous amount of your time.  We have sung your praise to our many friends and family who have admired our patio, walkways, and driveway, and would recommend your services with enthusiasm to anyone!

Again, thank you so much for the very fine work you did on own home exterior.  We wish you much success in your business.

With warm regards,

PS. (Feel free to come take photos any time!)"

Cathey Paulos

Edgar, Thanks you guys do good work"


Thanks Edgar, Another Job well done! "